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Join Chabad for a Seder that you will enjoy for a lifetime. Whether you are a Seder veteran with answers for all four questions, or a curious explorer with forty questions of your own, the Chabad Seder offers a stimulating & satisfying experience. And the food is great!

Experience The Exodus Like Never Before!

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Start Here: What Is Passover?
The Passover Seder
Passover Stories
Passover Study and History
Passover Recipes
Passover Multimedia
Passover guides, calendars and basic how-to. Learn how to prepare for the holiday, get rid of chametz, and run a seder.
Find a nearby public Seder, the Seder in a nutshell, the Haggadah explained, printable Haggadah, the Four Questions in many languages, and more...
A wide selection of inspiring and touching Passover stories, from the ancient to the contemporary.
Learn about the relevance and significance of Passover. The unleavened bread, slavery and freedom, the Plagues, the splitting of the sea, and more...
Listen to classic Passover Seder Songs, watch how hand-made Passsover Shmurah Matzah is baked and how Kosher wine is manufactured.
Passover Food
Buy and Sell
Sell any chametz you want to keep for after Passover. Buy handmade shmura matzah for your seder table.
Clean your home so it won’t have any chametz in it before Passover.

Search the house with a candle on Sunday night, April 9 th. Then burn what you find on Monday morning.
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