Arrival & Dismissal - Security (see Policies and Procedures for more Security Information)

Sign – in and Sign – out:

Make sure the teacher knows your child has arrived. You will need to sign your child in upon arrival and pick up at school. This is the list we use to check attendance in case of an emergency. These forms in a notebook in each classroom. . Upon arrival and pick up please sign your child in with your first initial and complete last name on the sign in sheet.

Always bring your child into the classroom. Please help them hang up their backpacks/lunches and wash their hands. When parents help the children settle in, it goes a long way in helping to give them a smooth start to the day.

We like to greet children warmly and individually at the start of the day. Our greeting time extends until 9:15. After that, we start activities and the focus of the staff is on the group as a whole. For your child to have that warm one on one beginning, it is important that you arrive on time. If you are late, we will do our best to smooth the way, but please understand the limits of the situation.


Your child will only be released to a parent or an adult designated by the parent in writing.  If there is a change in the child’s normal pick up procedure, please make sure the teacher knows.  The school requires written notification and picture ID if someone signs in other than those listed on your child’s card.

The written notification must be hung up on the school bulletin.

Should you find yourself in an emergency, please call the school to let us know that you are delayed.


Please let us know as early as possible, if your child will be absent.  Call the office in the morning if your child is sick so that the teachers can be notified.  If your child has an infectious illness that requires us to warn other families, it is important that you inform us of this.  If your child will be absent for personal reasons, (travel, visiting grandparents) please let the teachers know ahead of time.    

Parents will receive a magnetic badge to use when entering the building with their picture on it that is not transferable. For security purposes, please do not share the badge with anyone.