Snack and Lunch:

 Snack:  Please provide morning and afternoon snacks.  Please plan with nutrition and allergies in mind.  In the event that the Preschool will provide a special treat or snack, parents will be notified in advance.

 Lunch:  Full day and half day children will eat lunch in school. Please provide a dairy or pareve (non-meat and no shellfish) lunch with your child. State regulations require that you send an ice pack in the lunch box to prevent spoilage. Please mark the outside of the lunch box with your child’s name.

We are a nut-free preschool. Please do not send any nut or peanut products to school.

Due to personal levels of Kashrut and food allergies, children are not permitted to share food.

Some ideas for lunch:

*   carrot sticks                                               *   hard boiled eggs   

*   celery sticks                                               *   yogurt

*   fruit, fresh or canned                                 *   pasta/macaroni and cheese

*   American cheese or cheese sticks             *  pancakes

*   sandwiches (tuna, cream cheese, mayonnaise, cheese, pizza bagel, apple butter)