Dear Friend,

Commemorating the destruction of our Temples and our subsequent exile is important to our community. "Tisha B'Av - 9th of Av", is considered the saddest day of the Jewish year. Join us as we discover it's story and the transformative message that lies beneath the narrative of our people's darkest times.

Together with friends and community we can turn sadness into joy and dark days into celebration.

Warmest Regards,

Rabbi Mendy Deitsch

Chabad's Tisha B'Av schedule :

Monday Night, July 15: 
7:38 PM: Fast Begins  
7:45 PM: Evening service &  the reading and discussion of lamentations by candle light 
 8:00 PM:Inspirational Documentary

Tuesday, July 16: 
7:00am: Shacharit* 
6:00pm: Mincha 
7:45 PM : Maariv 
8:06 pm: Fast ends

*Tefillin are not worn during Shacharit, instead they are worn by mincha.tICV7509021 (1).jpg