Esther Basch: The Honey Girl of Auschwitz

 We are very honored to have Esther Basch as our Holocaust speaker this year.
Tickets are available now for the Chandler Center for the Arts.

Esther Basch, a 94 year old resident of Prescott, AZ, survived the Auschwitz Death Camps after being sent there in a cattle car on her 16th birthday. In April 1945, toward the end of the war, she was led on a "Death March" along with other women to the Salzwedel Concentration Camp where she was liberated by American Soldiers only three days later.

In 2007 Esther finally met Max, one of the US soldiers who liberated her camp and has since been motivated to tell her story of forgiveness. Since that time, Basch has given talks nationwide, which led to the production of The Honey Girl documentary enabling her to tell her story globally. Esther's genetic and universal love of humankind not only helped her survive but also enables her to share her story
in a poignant way that moves and motivates others.