Memorial Board


Remember and honor your loved ones with a memorial plaque on our beautiful Yizkor Board. 


The plaque will remain fixed on the board in the synagogue thereby ensuring everlasting memory. There is also an option for someone to say Kaddish on an annual basis on the Yahrzeit date.


What a wonderful way of inscribing and eternalizing the names of our departed loved ones. Our sages teach us that a soul never ceases to exist. Once it departs from the physical body it may be even closer to its friends and loved ones since it is not bound by physical restrictions.                                                

DONOR INFORMATION (individual ordering the plaque)
First name   Relationship
Last name   Zip
Address   Email
City   Phone

I would like to dedicate plaque/s at $1000 per plaque
payment options available—please contact our office at 480-855-4333

Please inscribe the following name on the memorial tablet:
Last Name   Last Name
First Name   First Name
Hebrew Name   Hebrew Name
Father's Hebrew Name   Father's Hebrew Name
What was the day of passing?
  What was the day of passing?
Time of day?
e.g. around 9:30 pm
  Time of day?  
e.g. around 9:30 pm

(If you are sending a payment by mail—please make the payment to :Chabad of the East Valley 875 N. McClintock Dr )

Please add this amount to the charge $  as a general donation to Chabad of the East Valley.

Name on card   Amount to be charged $
Card Number   Card Type
Exp. Date   CVV Code 3 digits on back of card