Your Bat Mitzvah Discovery Course Checklist:

Please complete the following.

A.  Attend all 15 classes,   B. Purchase a candlestick.


C. Attend Shabbat morning services 7 times and submit Shabbat Synagogue Attendance sheet. 


D.     Choose a Chesed Project; e.g., visit an old age home, visit someone

 in the hospital, bring food to a shelter, volunteer for a Jewish organization, etc.

 Chesed Project___________________________________

E. Choose a mitzvah in honor of your Bast mitzvah; e.g., kosher, study 

     weekly Torah portion, making blessings before eating, etc.

     Mitzvah ________________

 F. Submit a 200 word essay on a Jewish Woman, that was covered in the course.

The Bas Mitzvah Discovery course:

Welcome to the Bat Mitzvah discovery course. This is a fifteen week course that runs every year from December/January through April/May. The classes are Tuesday nights from 7:00 pm to 8:15 and are led by Rabbi Mendy and Shternie Deitsch.

The girls study and research many important and fascinating aspects of Judaism and the vital role the woman plays in it. In addition the course will prepare them for parts of their actual Bat Mitzvah ceremony.

The Bat Mitzvah Discovery Course includes the following:

 1. The Meaning Of Bat Mitzvah - A deep appreciation and

     understanding of this transformational life cycle event. (3 Units)

 2. Ani Ma’Amin - The 13 Principles of Faith - An in depth study of the      13 principles of Faith authored by Rabbi Moses Maimonides. These        principles are the fundamentals that define our faith. (It is recited in       Hebrew and English as part of the Bat Mitzvah ceremony). (13       Units)

 3. Aishet Chayil - A Woman of Valor - A detailed analysis of one of the most famous chapters of proverbs, written by King Solomon more      than 2500 years ago. This chapter written about his mother out     lines the role of the Jewish Woman.  (It is recited in Hebrew and

     English as part of the Bat Mitzvah ceremony). (14 Units)

 4. Jewish Women In History - A comprehensive study of the role of      Jewish women throughout history with relevant lessons for life in      the 21st century. (Each girl will choose a Jewish heroine to prepare      an essay on). (10 Units)

 5. Special Mitzvot and Holidays Connected with Jewish Women -         This unit will include a hands-on learning experience of the following      Mitzvot: Shabbat Candles, Jewish Family Life, Challah, The Jewish      Home (Kashrut, Mezuzah and Peace In The Home), Tzedakah.      (Each girl will choose one or more of the above Mitzvot to be her      Mitzvah project for her Bat Mitzvah) and the following holidays:      Shabbat and Rosh Chodesh. (10 Units)

    6. Ahavat Yisroel - Love For A Fellow Jew - This unit will focus on

     and develop a sense of responsibility for the people around us and      especially for our Jewish brothers and sisters and for the land of

Israel. (Each girl will choose a Chesed project for her Bat Mitzvah).

(3 Units)

     We will provide a special binder in which will be recorded all the      above mentioned studies and accomplishments as they are fulfilled.      In addition a certificate will be issued upon completion of the course.