In Judaism the Bar Mitzvah marks a most significant stage in the life of a young man. As he grows older, he will constantly reflect on this momentous occasion as a major part of his maturing process. It is this turning point as which a mere boy is suddenly transforms into a Jewish adult.


Feeling the pride of being a full-fledged member of the Jewish nation.

Identifying with his essence in a strong and positive manner.

Realizing he is an integral part of our beautiful tradition and rich heritage. This feeling and commitment ultimately serves to inspire him to constantly recognize his privilege and responsibilities to himself, fellow human beings and above all to G‑d.



At Chabad of the East Valley the Bar Mitzvah celebration are faithful to the beauty and authenticity of Jewish tradition. A ceremony, which will bring your son to deep recognition and appreciation of his special role as a Jewish man and as a future father of Israel.


The following Bar Mitzvah information guide will outline the aspects, options and policies as Chabad.


Adjustments in the program can often be accomplished by consulting the Rabbi, your sons bar mitzvah is destined to be one of true joy as well as an event he will fondly cherish and look back on for the rest of his life.


Date & Ceremony


Perpetration for a Bar Mitzvah takes 8-12 months, in order to properly prepare and plan your special day, clear the dates you wish to reserve and choose the ceremony that best fits your needs, you need to call the office to set up an appointment with Rabbi Mendy Deitsch a minimum of 12 months prior to the bar mitzvah date.



A Bar Mitzvah ceremony can be held on Saturday morning service.



Bar Mitzvah Requirements   


All boys seeking to have their Bar Mitzvah at Chabad must fulfill the following requirements:

1 Successfully completes the Bar Mitzvah discovery course.

2. Successfully completes the Bar Mitzvah tutoring with the Rabbi.
2. Acquire a Chumash with English translation.

4. Attend 10 Shabbat services prior to his Bar Mitzvah.

5. Purchase a Kosher pair of Tefillin from a reliable source approved by Rabbi Deitsch.




Education - 1. Bar mitzvah Discovery Course


All bar mitzvah boys must attend the Bar Mitzvah discovery course this fifteen week course that runs every year from January till May the classes are Tuesday nights and are led by Rabbi Mendy Deitsch and Mrs. Shternie Deitsch.


The boys study and research many important fascinating aspects of Judaism and the vital role the male plays in it.


In addition the course will prepare them for their actual Bar Mitzvah ceremony.  


Education - 2. Private Training with the Rabbi


In order to personalize and prepare your son for his Bar Mitzvah ceremony he will need training with the Rabbi.


Your son will meet with the Rabbi once a week for a minimum of three months depending on the type of ceremony you have chosen.


During these sessions he will practice the Hebrew he will be reciting at his Bar Mitzvah as well as preparing the various speeches and insights he will be delivering at his Bar Mitzvah.


The Service


Saturday morning services are traditionally with men and women sitting separately divided by a mechitzah a divider, please note that during the Kiddush or reception, there is no separation between men and women.


All prayer books are in Hebrew and English, all announcements, speeches and sermons are made in English.


Photographs: If your ceremony is on Shabbat there cannot be any picture taken at the ceremony, however you are welcome to come on a weekday for a photo and video session.




 Our faculty can accommodate a Kiddush and or reception. The family should sponsor at least a Kiddush. Menus can range from simple to deluxe depending on the families choice.


To organize a Kiddush Mrs. Deitsch must be contacted for consultation about menu and other details.








The cost is as follows:

Bar mitzvah discovery course $200

Private training with the Rabbi 45 minutes weekly $160 per month

                                                  30 minutes weekly $120 per month

Set up and clean up $100




We will provide assistance and samples for the wording of the Bar Mitzvah invitations. A copy of the invitation must be submitted prior to printing of the invitations




  1. Donate a gift to the synagogue to have a long lasting memory of the Bar Mitzvah.
  2.  Mother, father or both should attend services with the Bar Mitzvah boy.
  3.  Mother, father, or both should attend training sessions with the Bar Mitzvah boy.