Ice Cream cone - clipartIce Cream cone - clipartSunday, May 24 2015 4:00pm
Celebrate the
 Holiday of Shavuot in a COOL fashion! 

Hear the Ten Commandments, read from the Torah……..then create your own ice cream delicacy. 


Our Sages explain that before G‑d gave the Torah to the Jewish People, He demanded guarantors. The people suggested our forefathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; these were not sufficient. They cited many other great leaders and people but G‑d did not accept them either! Finally , they declared, “our children will be our guarantors!” G‑d immediately accepted and agreed to give them the Torah. 
The Jewish Children were and still are the guarantors and transmitters of the Torah. Our commitment to their education has always been the best assurance to the continuity of Torah and Mitzvoth . When G‑d gave the Torah on Mt. Sinai, 3,325 years ago every Jewish child was present. LET US ENSURE THAT OUR CHILDREN WILL BE THERE THIS YEAR TOO!   

WHAT:         Shavuos Holiday Ice Cream Party
WHERE:      Pollack Chabad Center for Jewish Life
                    875 North McClintock Drive
                    Chandler, AZ 85226 
WHEN:          Sunday, May 24 2015 4:00pm 
WHO:            Moms, Dads and Children of all ages
COST:           FREE!