Life In the Balance:  Jewish Perspectives on Everyday Medical Dilemmas.

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Modern medicine has brought us near miracles. It's also brought us some of
the most difficult decisions we'll ever have to face. Are we obliged to
prolong life even at the cost of terrible suffering? Should we legalize the
sale of organs, such as kidneys, to save the lives of transplant patients?
May a woman with a multiple-fetus pregnancy opt for fetal reduction, thus
forfeiting the lives of some to possibly save others? When it seems that
every available option is morally questionable, how do we decide?

Fortunately for us all, Torah and the Talmud are not silent about such
matters. And this course will show you what they have to say.

When it comes to the ethics of medicine, we¹re going to get real ‹ in the
most dramatic possible way. We'll discuss actual case studies, examining
many possible viewpoints as we come to grips with the issue that matters
most: What kind of action ‹ or inaction ‹ should we take? When should we
take it? And when do we edge too close to playing G‑d?

More intriguing than any fictional TV show, this course will prepare you for
choices that you or a loved one may be called upon to make. It is also a
fascinating exposure to little-discussed aspects of Judaism.