Meditation and Painting Workshops
Painting the Soul Canvas
A unique workshop based on the teachings of Jewish Mysticism. A meditation guides the audience on a journey through their soul, touching the emotions and stirring the subconscious mind. Participants explore this inner landscape by painting a canvas, which they take home. Absolutely no painting experience is necessary.
The combination of meditation and painting facilitates interactive learning and enables people to process ideas in their right brain, which is intuitive and non-judgmental. The workshop provides a profound experience of relaxation and creativity. In this context it is a kind of Jewish art therapy.
Each month embodies a spiritual and psychological energy that enables us to tune into the power of the moment and a particular dimension of the soul.
This workshop will focus on NISSAN - Vision of Freedom
A meditation guides you beyond the limitations and fears of your internal 'Egypt' - the place of emotional slavery and limitation. A profound and personal preparation for the Passover journey.


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